50 Important Polity Questions

Indian Polity Questions for competitive exams


                   50 IMPORTANT POLITY QUESTIONS

  Here we are providing 50 important polity questions  which are very important for upcoming exams 

1)  In  Article-1 India had been called as


2) How many Union Territories are there in Indian Union

Ans) Seven

3) Indian Parliament can change the name and boundary of a state

Ans) Simple Majority

4) From where India has adopted single Citizenship

Ans) England

5) In which part of the constitution fundamental rights are given?

Ans) Part Third

6) Who is the protector of the fundamental rights

Ans) Supreme Court

7) Right to equality has been provided under article

Ans) Art 14 to 18

8) Article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides for

Ans) Six rights to freedom

9) Which of the right under the constitution is the fundamental right as well as human right

Ans) Right to Education

10) Art-32 of the Constitution of India is related to

Ans) Right to Constitutional Remedy

11) Which type of writ guarantees the right to personal liberty

Ans) Habeous Corpus

12) Which of the writ can be issued by the supreme court or high court to perform a task that he is failed to perform

Ans) Mandamus

13) Which part of the Constitution pertained to the directive principles of state policy

Asn) Part fourth

14) When the fundamental duties were added in the Indian constitution

Ans) In 1976

15) How many fundamental duties have been included in the constitution of India

Ans) 11

16) Who elected unopposed to the office of President

Ans) Dr.N. Sanjeeva Reddy

17) Who can Initiates impeachment of the President of India

Ans) 1/4 members of either house of parliament

18) Who elects the governor of Jammu and Kashmir

Ans) President

19) Under article 143 who can send a matter for advisory opinions to the supreme court of India

Ans) President

20) Who was the first person who was awarded the Bharat Ratna before he became president of India

Ans) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

21) Who elected president of India two time a row

Ans) Dr. Rajindra Prasad

22) Who can call a joint session of the Parliament

Ans) President of India

23) Who is the ex-office chairman Rajya Sabha

Ans) Vice- President

24) Who elects Vice-president of India

Ans) Members of Parliament

25) Who can remove the Vice-president of India

Ans) Rajya Sabha with the approval of Lok Sabha

26) When was the first legislative assembly constituted

Ans) 1921

27) Who was the first president of Central Legislature

Asn) Vitthal Bhai Patel

28) Local governance is the foundation of

Ans) Democracy

29) Sovereign Parliament is the contribution of

Ans) England

30) Indian federalism is closer to

Ans) Canada

31) A federal structure for India was first put forward by the

Ans) Act of 1935

32) The system of the budget was introduced in India during the viceroyalty of

Ans) Canning

33) The system of nomination of members of Rajya has been borrowed from the constitution

Ans) Ireland

34) Which of the following was the popular slogan of the French revolution     ( important polity questions)

Ans) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

35) Which type of democracy do we follow in India

Ans) Representative

36) How many times has the Preamble of the constitution been amended

Asn) 1 time

37)Republic means ultimate power is in the hand of

Ans) The People

38) India is a republic because

Ans) The head of India is elected for a fixed period of time

39)  The Ninth schedule to the Indian constitution was added by

Ans) the First schedule

40) Anti-defection has given in which schedule of Indian constitution

Asn) Tenth schedule

41) UNO is listed in the___ list given in the Seventh Schedule in the constitution of India

And) Union list

42) The states reorganization in 1956 created

Ans) 14 states and 6 union territories

43) Sikkim was granted statehood in the year

Ans) 1975 by 36 amendment act

44) Which article of the Indian constitution empowers the Parliament to regulate the right of citizenship

Ans) Article 11

45) Formation of a new state is done by     ( Indian Polity Quiz)

Ans) Simple Majority

46) Article 19 of the Indian constitution

Ans) 6 freedom

47) The freedom of the press is mentioned in which of the following rights

Ans) Right to expression

48) According to the Indian constitution, Right to life is

Ans) Fundamental right

49) Preventive detention means

Ans) Detention without interrogation

50) In which of the articles, the interests of minorities are covered

Ans) 29



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