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General Science Objective Questions

91) For which Diode is used

Ans) Purification

92) On which does technique photostat machine  work

Ans) Electrostatic image making

93) What kind of energy is stored in a rechargeable cell

Ans) Chemical energy

94) Mica is

Ans) A bad conductor of electricity and a good conductor of heat

95) Germanium, silicon, selenium etc are the example of

Ans) Semiconductor

96) The value of emf in a voltaic cell is

An ) 1.08 quality

97) Current is a                            (General Science Objective Question)

Ans) Scalar quantity

98) A transformer works with

Ans) Alternative current only

99) The nature of fuse wire is

Ans) High resistance and low melting point

100) A multimeter is used to measure

Ans) Current, voltage, and resistance

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