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General Science Objective Questions


                    BIOLOGY Objective Questions

1)The study of a newborn baby up to the age of 3 months is called         (General Science objective questions)

Ans) Neonatology

2) What is called the study of blood

Ans) Haematology

3) Toxicology is the study of 

Ans) Poison

4) An organic compound is chemically decomposed in fermentation by        (General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Enzyme

5) What is the scientific study of birds called

Ans) Ornithology

6) What is the scientific study of  the heart and its disorders called

Ans) cardiology

7) What is studied in Phycology                (  Science GK)

Ans The study of algae

8) What is called the study of growing plant, without soil, in water which contains nutrient

Ans Hydroponics

9) Which language is used in writing the scientific name of the creatures        ( General Science Objective Questions)

Ans latin

10 What is rearing of honey bee called

Ans Apiculture

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