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General Science Objective Questions

11 Cellulose is the chief constituent of

Ans Cell wall

12 The percentage of carbon dioxide in the air that we exhale is

Ans 4%

13) Who made the accurate model of D.N.A structure

Ans J.D. Watson and F. Crick

14 What is the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells made up of 

Ans Phospholipid

15) What is the number of chromosome in a cell of the human body

Ans) 46

16) What is the substance to be found in the cells of a human being

Ans Protein

17)  What is the basic difference between a plant cell and animal cell

Ans) Cell wall

18) Mitochondria is the centre of 

Ans) Cell respiration

19) If the diameter of a cell is doubled, the level of water in it will be

Ans) Half

20) What is called the powerhouse of the cell

Ans) Mitochondria

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