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General Science Objective Questions

21)  What is the largest cell in the human body

Ans) Nerve cell

22) The stem cells which are capable of developing into other types of cells come from

Ans) The Embroyo

23) Genes, the hereditary units, are located

Ans) Chromosomes

24) The total number of genes inherited by a child

Ans) There are an equal number of genes from each parent

25) Who coined the term gene

Ans) W.L.Johannsen

26) Which type of acid is found in an ant

Ans) Formic acid

27) who propounded the laws of heredity

Ans) Mendel

28) The development of an egg without fertilization is called 

Ans) Parthenogenesis

29) What determines the sex of a fetus

Ans) Sperms of father

30)  what is responsible for the transfer of genetic information from one generation to the next generation

Ans) DNA

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