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General Science Objective Questions

31) What is the floral part that produces pollen grains?

Ans) Anther

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32) By which method does the pollination of maize take place

Ans) By means of spores

33) What is called the floral part that receives pollen grains during pollination

Ans) Stigma

34)  By whom was the concept of survival of the fittest first advocated

Ans Darwin

35) Which plant did Mendel choose for his experiments

Ans) Grodan pea

36) What is the direct evidence provided in favour of organic evolution

Ans) Fossil

37) What is the science of developing the fruits without seeds

Ans) Tissue culture

38) From which is litmus obtained

Ans) Lichen

39) What is always true about viruses

Ans) It cannot produce antibodies

40) Who first discovered bacteria

Ans) A.V.Lecuwen hock

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