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General Science Objective Questions

51) Which are the free-living bacteria

Ans) Azoto bacteria

52)  who was the first creature that released oxygen in our atmosphere

Ans) Cyanobacteria

53) Which gas is generally used to kill the bacteria

Ans) Chlorine

54) Which crop can make soil fertile with a nitrogenous compound

Ans) Pulse Crops

55) Whose adaptation is the air cavity

Ans) Water plant

56) What are the free-living nitrogen-fixing micro-organism

Ans) Rhizobia

57) Which plant grows very fast

Ans) Eucalyptus

58) Which plant catches insects for its food

Ans) Eutriculariya

59) Red rust on tea exist due to

Ans) Fungus

60) Cuscuta is a 

Ans) Complete stem parasite

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