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General Science Objective Questions

61) Lichen is a 

Ans) Symbiotic organism

62) What is the other name of Janufalak

Ans) Patella

63) Which type of crop is Jute

Ans) commercial crops with fibre

64) Which quality of Neem is attracting the people’s attention to itself

Ans) Due to the source of pesticide

65) What is Ikebana

Ans A type of Japanese flower

66) Why yeast is mixed while baking double bread

Ans) To make the double bread soft and spongy

67) Eyes of potato useful for

Ans) Vegetative propagation

68) Which plant does not produce fruits but seeds

Ans) Cycas

69) What  is common among sunflower, coconut, and groundnut

Ans) They provide edible oil

70) What is the cause of reproducing vegetative propagation for sugarcane

Ans) Because they do not produce seeds

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