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General Science Objective Questions

11) Hydraulic brake works on which law

Ans) Pascal’s law

12) On which principle sprayer works?

Ans) On the Bernoulli’s principle

13) what happens to the liquid when the vapours pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure

Ans) It starts boiling

14)On hills, water boils at a lower temperature because

Ans) Air pressure is low at hills

15) A drop of  oil on the water dilates, because

Ans) Surface tension of oil is much less than that of water


16)  why drops of rain are round in shape

Ans) Because of surface tension

17) On which principle ball pen works

Ans) Surface tension

18) By which action oil soars above the lamp    (General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Capillarity

19) Why is lubricant is used in the vehicles             

Ans) To reduce friction

20) Which is the solid lubricant 

Ans) Graphite

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