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General Science Objective Questions

81) Clove a commonly used spice, is obtained from

Ans) The flower bud

82) From which part of the plant Hashish is obtained        ( general science objective questions)

Ans) from leaves and female inflorescence

83) Which plant has  compound leaves

Ans) coconut

84) Chicory is obtained from

Ans) Roots

85) Ginger is the stem and not a root because

Ans) It has nodes and internodes

86) The edible part of onion is 

Ans) Aerial stem

87) Which tissue does transport water in plants

Ans) Xylem

88) The ascent of dap in plants takes place through

Ans) Xylem

89) Which is the food transporting tissue of a plant

Ans) Phloem

90) Maximum har to a tree is caused by

Ans)  Loss of leaves

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