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General Science Objective Questions

91) Creepers climb up

Ans) By tendril

92) Which part of the plant is used as the saffron       ( Most Important Biology Questions)

Ans) Style and stigma

93) What is the name of the gas released during photosynthesis

Ans) Oxygen

94) In which colour of light the rate of photosynthesis is maximum

Ans) Red light

95) In photosynthesis which is an important pigment     (general science objective questions)

Ans) Chlorophyll

96) Plant release energy

Ans) During respiration

97) Which gas is required  during photosynthesis

Ans) Carbon dioxide

98) Plant respires

Ans) Both in day and night

99) Which element the absorption of water and calcium in plants    (General Science objective Questions)

Ans) Boron

100) Respiration is also known as

Ans) Oxidation



General Science is the most vital part of general studies. In every competitive exam, around thirty per cent of total questions are from general science. In the objective exam, One has to practice a lot of general science objective questions general science has three parts, physics, chemistry, and biology, in this post, you will find the most important general science objective questions, which are frequently asked in various exams and important for the upcoming examination.

Practice makes the man perfect is a very famous proverb so give general science quizzes and analyze your preparation indeed you can boost your general knowledge and general science, you can get general science every day, from dawn till evening all we come across, is directly or indirectly connected to science so study general science basics and develop your science learning. Television, fridge, air conditioner, and car all work on science. cognizance of general science is essential and should go through the essentials of general science. By practice the most important general science questions one should understand the implementation of basics science fundamentals

Objective science is vital for all competitive examination, it has lion share in every examination, one has to improve his basic knowledge of science, Science is the lifeline of every individual we cannot do anything without science.
Understanding the basics of science is very important and for a better understanding, one has to practice a lot of objective general science questions to gain a good understanding of objective general science. Practice General science objective questions add the advantage to one attitude towards General science

Learn the general science objective questions which have the high probability of coming in the upcoming examination. General science plays an important role in the examination.

expected general science objective questions

The complete science theory is difficult to study in a short span of time, so to overcome this difficulty here you can find General science objective questions, practice these questions and get good marks in all competitive exams.






















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