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General Science Objective Questions

General Science MCQ’s

21) Steel is more elastic than rubber because

Ans) Steel is harder than rubber

22) Source of a remote sensing device has

Ans) Infrared ray

23) Which type of waves are required for long-range wireless communication  (general science objective questions)

Ans) Radio waves

24) What type of waves are used in night vision equipment

Ans) Infrared waves

25)  Coolidge-tube is used to produce

Ans) X-rays

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26) Sound signals of television are                ( General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Frequency Modulated

27) In which form sounds travels

Ans) Longitudinal wave

28) Which devices convert sound energy into electrical energy

Ans) Microphone

29) Which device is used for object detection in the deep sea

Ans) Sonar

30) Where sound waves cannot be transmitted

Ans) In Vaccum

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