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General Science Objective Questions

31) The minimum intensity of sound which a normal human ear can detect is expressed

Ans) 10 DB

32) The velocity of sound in air does not change with a change in

Ans) Air pressure

33)Stethoscope which is used by doctors works on which principle

Ans) Reflection of Sound

34)  What is studied in  Acoustics

Ans) Sound

35) Bats can detect obstacles because they generate          ( general science objective questions)

Ans) Ultrasonic sound waves

36) What is the approximate frequency of ultrasonic waves

Ans) More than 20000 Hz

37) The sound of a wave has maximum velocity

Ans) In solid

38) According to the world health organization’s  standard audio capability range of a healthy human  being is

Ans) 5-10 DB

39) What is the sound wave propagation in gas

Ans) Adiabatic Compression and rarefaction

40) A therm is a unit of

Ans) Heat

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