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General Science Objective Questions

41) Lambert law is related to

Ans) Illumination

42) Who measured the velocity of light

Ans) Romer

43) What the sharpness of a television image is called        ( General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Resolution

44) A mirage occurs because of

Ans) Total internal reflection

45) The final image in the simple microscope is

Ans) virtual, magnified and erect

46) What type of mirrors are used as shaving mirrors       (general science objective questions)

Ans) Parabolic mirrors

47) Why red is used as an emergency or danger signal

Ans) As its wavelength is the longest

48) Rainbow is seen after rain because of hanging molecules of water which act as

Ans) Prism

49) Red light is used for signals because it has           ( general science objective questions)

Ans) Low refraction in the medium

50) A Periscope works on the principle of

Ans) Total internal reflection

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