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General Science Objective Questions

71) What is the least distance of distinct vision

Ans) 25 cm

72) The visible effect of light due to

Ans)Electric field vector

73) How is rainbow formed

Ans) Due to the dispersion of sunlight by the suspended water droplets

74) The brilliant red colour of rising and setting sun is seen due to

Ans) Due to the scattering of light

75) The dispersion of light occurs due to

Ans) Different velocities of light in different colours medium

76) When we see the rainbow

Ans) The sun remains behind us and we face raindrops

77) What are the secondary colours (General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Yellow, Magenta, Cyan

78) Who invented optical fibre

Ans) Narinder capali

79) Who invented the cine camera

Ans) Friese- Greene

80) Who did discover the photoelectric effect

Ans) Albert Einstein

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