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General Science Objective Questions

81) The wavelength of light is expressed in

Ans)  Angstrom

82) The non-uniform distribution of light intensity due to the superposition of two waves is called

Ans) Interference

83) Colour T.V. Utilises primary colour

Ans)  Red, blue and green

84) The soap  bubbles in sunlight appear having brilliant colour due to

Ans) Interference of light.

85) The presbyopia affected person uses

Ans)Bifocal lens of suitable focal length

86) The reciprocal of the relative aperture is called

Ans) Focal ratio

87) The kerosene oil spread on the water surface appears in decent colours

Ans) Due to the interference of light

88) The seas appear blue due to

Ans) Scattering of light

89) A photoelectric cell converts

Ans) Light energy to electric energy

90) Conversion of heat into electrical energy is achieved by using     ( General  Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Thermocouple

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