Indian Polity Questions for Competitive Exams

Indian Polity Questions for competitive exams

Indian Polity Questions For Competitive Exams

In this post, you will find high-grade Indian polity questions for competitive exams which are very important for any competitive exams, regular practice of these questions will help to get good marks in general studies section.

1 Who appoints the chief justice and other judges of the supreme court?

Ans The President

2 How many judges can be there in the supreme court besides chief justice of India?

Ans Thirty

3 what is the retirement age of the judges of the supreme court of India?

Ans 65

4 Who was the first lady to be appointed as the supreme court judge?

Ans M. Fatima Bibi

5 Where the dispute in the election of the president shall be sent to?

Ans The Supreme court of  India

6 Who can act president if both the offices of the president as well as the vice president of India are vacant?

Ans The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

7 Which part of the Indian constitution pertained to the directive principles of state policy?

Ans Part- IV

8 Which of the fundamental right was called the Soul of the Constitution of India by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar?

Ans Right to Constitutional remedies

Which type of writ guarantees the right to personal liberty?

Ans Habeas Corpus

10 Which type of writ can be issued by the supreme court or a high court to perform a task that he failed to perform?

Ans Mandamus

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