Indian Polity Questions for Competitive Exams

Indian Polity Questions for competitive exams

31 Who is the first law officer of India?

Ans The Attorney General of India

32 Who appoints the Attorney General of India?

Ans The President of India

33 The Principal of separation of power belongs to which of the system of governance?

Ans Federal Government

34 Which is called the mother of parliament?

Ans Parliament of Britain

35 Parliament Includes?

Ans The President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

36 The money bill can be introduced only in?

Ans Lok Sabha

37 A member of parliament shall lose his membership if he is continuously absent for a period of?

Ans 60 days

38 Who has been given residuary powers?

Ans The Union Legislature

38  In both houses of parliament, the time after question hour is known as?

Ans  Zero hour

39 What is the maximum number of members for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is prescribed in the Indian Constitution?

Ans 552 of Lok Sabha and 250 for Rajya Sabah

40 Who has the power to the prorogation of the session both of Lok Sabah and Rajya Sabha?

Ans President of India 

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