Indian Polity Questions for Competitive Exams

Indian Polity Questions for competitive exams

41 In which country upper house is more powerful than the lower house?

Ans U.S.A

42 How many members are required to get the official status of opposition Parliament?

Ans 1/10 of the total members

43 According to the constitution of India. How many times a session of Parliament is required to be called?

Ans Twice

44 How much gap can be there between two subsequent sessions of parliament?

Ans 6 months

45 The power to create and dissolve the legislative council of a state is rest with?

Ans Parliament

46 Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha?

Ans G.V. Mavlankar

47 “Once a speaker always a speaker” is adopted by which country?

Ans U.K

48 What is the quorum of sitting of Lok Sabha?

Ans 1/10 of the total members of Lok Sabha

49 Where the finance bill is introduced?

Ans In Lok  Sabha

50 How many members of Anglo -Indian community can be nominated by President to Lok Sabha?

Ans Two 

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