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General Science Objective Questions

 General Science Objective Questions

Physics Objective Questions With Answers

In the following questions, you will find the most important objective general science questions which were asked in many exams. Frequently asked general science objective questions


1)The device used to measure wind speed

Ans) Anemometer

2) The force exerted to rotate is called

Ans) Torque

3) Acceleration due to gravity at the equator

Ans) Is less than acceleration at the poles

4)By which actions wet clothes are dried in a spin driers

Ans) Central fugal force

5)  Sole in the shoe is put to increase

Ans) Friction

6) What is the unit of power

Ans) Watt

7) Which law justifies the statement that the matter can neither be created nor destroyed  (general science objective questions)

Ans The law of conservation of mass

8) Einstein’s mass-energy relationship is expressed by the equation

Ans) E= (mc )2

9) What is the source of energy in the ecosystem

Ans Sun

10) The intensity of the Earth is maximum at 

Ans) The Equator

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