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General Science Objective Questions

71) In which part of onion food is stored

Ans) Scale leaves

72) Which type of root system does wheat have

Ans) Fibrous root system

73) Which part of the plant can carry out photosynthesis

Ans) calyx

74) Ginger is a

Ans) Modified stem

75) From which part of a plant turmeric is obtained

Ans) From stem

76) Ginger is an

Ans) Edible underground stem

77) Which part of shrub cotton fibre is extracted from             (General Science Questions and Answers)

Ans) Seed

78)  Which vegetative propagation occur in Brayophilum

Ans) Leaves

79) From which part of plant Jute fibre is obtained

Ans)From Steam

80) Onion is a modified form of

Ans) Groundnut

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