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General Science Objective Questions


61) What is viewed through an electronic microscope              (General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Structure of bacteria and virus

62) The type of mirrors used in the headlamp of cars is

Ans) Parabolic concave

63) The reason for a swimming pool to appear less deep then the actual depth is

Ans) Reflection

64) X-rays lies between

Ans) Gamma -rays and ultraviolet region

65) A star appears twinkling in the sky because of      (General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Refraction of light in the atmosphere

66)  what is the magnifying lens

Ans) Convex lens of low focal length

67) which type of wave is the lightwave

Ans) Electromagnetic wave

68) The mirror of saving is

Ans) Concave

69) What is the SI unit of lens

Ans) Dioptre

70) Which is the best conductor     (General Science Objective Questions)

Ans) Silver

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